And first of all: thank you for visiting my webpage.

I do like to give you a short and first insight into what I do. My photographic work around the theme of fetish photography. At the same time you are most welcome to contact me, if you wish to arrage a private shooting for yourself. This is where the name comes from. Fetish and Photography – if you combine those two in german you end up with – Fetigraf!

So what is a fetish?

Many things can be considered fetishes. And I do know that many will be shocked when they hear about “fetish” and think of many a strange thing. But please take a step back. You can rephrase this and say that I do capture passions. Of course they are passions that fascinate me and interest me as well. It is this view behind the curtain that you do normally not see. And of course it can be considered a bit off and bit dirty. So why is that?

You will not find nakedness here or brutality. This is about showing people in an aesthetic way. People who have this special passion that they live.


Live does not consit about moments
in which we breath,
it is about moments
that take our breath away.


Have a look around and also enjoy the photos there.
Be fascinated and maybe also inspired about your next shot.

It does not matter what you are looking for. Maybe some pictures for your fashion label? Or are you looking for some fascinating advertisement shots for your own dungeon? I can accomedate you with whatever wish you have. From a single shot to whole sets for private as well as commerical use.

So if you want to be put into the perfect light – just contact me.


Latex Fetisch Fotografie - Frankfurt