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The guy behind

Since my childhood I been fond of photography. Of course it was a fully analogue work back then mostly a snapping away – mostly “playing around”. Later then there been the first digital cameras with all their faults and imperfections compared to the film-SLR´s. But things progressed step by step.

Sind 2006 then thing got more serious for me.

My first digital SLR. With this purchase things now moved along faster and gained momentum. My love for photography and what you can do there grew. Today photography for me is more then a mere hobby. I would call myself a “professional amateur”. Along with this goes a high degree of self demanded quality for the photos.


This Webpage

With this webpage my main focus is centered on fetish-photography with all its bits and pieces. As well as all the areas surrounding that theme. It is surely a segment of photography and of society that is riddled with prejudices and many clichés.

But does not just that make it more interesting? Why not play with the clichés and those different areas of fetish life.

For those shootings I am always looking for people of different background and ages for those projects and to make my ideas come true. Many of those will be done as TfP-shootings (Time for Print). But you can rest assured that all of those shootings will have a contract as a basis. That way you do know what you can expect and later do with the photos.
There will be no nasty surprises later on.


Of course you may also contact me for a professional shooting on contract basis. If you want arrange something please let me know. All the details and the price will be determined accordingly and will fit to the demands of the shooting itself and the additional work you wish to get.

It is also only natural, that all and every single shooting will be only withing the legal bounderies. No shootings with people who are not of legal age!

If you got further questions, want to make a comment or provide me with a helping improvement suggestion please do not hesitate to do so via my contact page.